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Walter Thumbs Up

Chupacabra and the Yrad Sale

Title: Yrad Sale
Characters/Fandom: Original
Rating: G
Word Count: 319



“Yrad sale” is what this one reads, the cardboard ripped and shredded and flapping awkwardly on its lopsided, stapled position on the metal-scarred telephone post.

                “Yikes,” I say.

                Alicia, from the backseat: “I bet Chupacabra got to it.” Chupacabra, who she saw on a National Geographic special on mythical monsters. Chupacabra, Spanish, a conglomerate between “to suck” (chupar) and “goat” (cabra).  Goatsucker is a fitting name, despite the fact there are no goats in the sage-furnished desert outside Alicia’s window. The sky glowers in lightened gray steel and rain hovers on something’s bated breath.

                Brian is two-minutes older and therefore has a vastly superior intellect. “We’re in Nevada, “ he points out.  

                Alicia shrugs serenely, looks at me in the reflection of the rear view mirror. “Who says Chupacabra doesn’t go on vacation?”

                “But why would he go after a yard sale sign, Alicia?” I ask her, turning on the blinker to follow the second sign, a lonely, upside-down UHAUL Box with neon-green presentation paper taped to it and two large, anonymous Nevada rocks stuck on top.

                “Yard sale,” it says, from its position on the ground. The Sharpie-drawn arrow points west, to one “Azalia Lane.”

                “Yard sale isn’t spelled right,” she responds after a thoughtful moment. “I bet Chupacabra doesn’t like misspelled words.”

                “But he speaks Spanish,” Brian pointed out. Again.

                “Chupacabra goes on vacation a lot,” she retorts confidently. “He learns other languages.”

                “Not a bad idea, Lish,” I tell her, trying to smother a smile as Brian crosses his arms and glares his sister, short black hair.

 From the left, Azalia Lane opens to three neat houses, old-sixties trim and one particular one with an old Covair straddling a blood-red curb and furniture sprawled on the hay-yellow and dying hair of the front yard.

                “Yup,” she responds, then, turning to her brother. “I bet Chupacabra doesn’t like you, either.”

                “Whatever,” he snaps.

Word: "Box"




You've created some great characters in the space of a few hundred words here. I find myself liking both Alicia and Brian, but I don't think Brian has a chance of ever winning an argument against his sister.

This was an enjoyable read and my favourite bit about it is that I'm now imagining Chupacabra running a garage sale. This is clearly an awesome outcome.
8D Thanks a lot for cruising by here! I'm glad you liked it as you did.

Chupacabra and a garage sale? That is an awesome, albeit terrifying concept...