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Back from the dead. In mild repose.

To say that making friends with males is a disaster is a relative understatement.

To say that they're more confusing than women -- which is strange, considering their thought processes are so much simpler -- is a disconcerting blurb.

And to say that a girl knows how to handle such an odd situation, when leveled with the fact she enjoys said male's company and likes being a pseudo-protege, is a sad, sad reality.

In other news: 
I enjoy ballistics and explosives. Potato cannons = win. Wish I had the mathematical agility to be an engineer.
Cars = yay. Sometimes wanna be mechanic.
First summer spent away from ze homeland. Actually not that bad. Also, having own house pwns dorm life by many marks of awesome.
Missing fanfic world. Has no muse to write.

And the beat, they say, goes on...


I know. Shocking. How are you?