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There is no dishonor in fleeing from a man with a lethal weapon --

This is merely good sense.

Queen of Self-Declared Nothing
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High school student. Lover of writing. Raised on Bullitt, Monty Python and the Blues Brothers.

Odd sense of humor.

Read. Write. Fanfiction. Maybe journalism as an adult (though screenwriting would be teh shit).

Raised on ZE INTERNETZ. Knower of ZE INTERNETZ nefarious and awesome-ness. Not ZE INTERNETZ queen but able to traverse its dangerous paths.

Enjoys working out. Sometimes is a little fanatic.

Obsessed with driving. And comics. And fanfiction. Was that already mentioned?

Likes smart people. Likes clever people. Enjoys conversations with people willing to debate in a peaceful and intellectual manner.

Enjoys having people come by and comment. Would call self a comment-whore but that might be a bit much.

-- Megan

PS: Bacchae was Dionysis. And Dionysis was a cruel god who tricked the women of a town to kill all their husbands. "They were lions!" the women explained, frightened. "They were lions and we had to do something..."
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